Bespoke website Development Cambridge

The best thing about a bespoke application is that they are only limited by your imagination! Today software can do pretty much anything you want it to do.

You can have bespoke applications developed to:

  • Enable users to make bookings online - whether that's for a restaurant table, a college course or a dental appointment.
  • Provide a membership facility where information and profiles can be created by the user - whether an industry facility where there are forums and information exchange or a specialist group.
  • Set up a matching service - whether that's for landlords and tenants, aupairs and families or dating.
  • Create an online record keeping facility to keep your clients information accessible.
  • Organise online auctions for anything from specialist items to a wide selection of categories.

But don't let this list be the limit for what you want - talk to our team and explain what you'd like your software to do and we'll make it work for you. The first step is a phone call to 01279 812229 to start the discussion or email to find out more.

Some of our Completed Web Development Projects...

Kennel and cattery owners tend to be out looking after their animals, not sitting doing email and surfing the net. Frequently, they don't have a website of their own. Our client wanted a kennel booking system that was web-based, but that also addressed the non-computer based issue. The system was designed to allow people to search their local area, check for availability and book their pets into kennels and catteries online, but then generated a text to the owner to confirm the booking.

The brief was to enable website visitors to access manuals, parts and service support by lawnmower model. To add to this the client wanted to offer web visitors the ability to find the right mower by a combination of criteria - such as garden size, whether you wanted a 'striped' lawn, etc. The challenge was the massive range of lawnmowers, both current and previous and the associated catalogue of parts. However, this was overcome and the multi-functional system set up successfully to give website users control and reduce the time spent by our client's staff in looking things up to provide information.

The client offered schools, universities and sports clubs a range of facilities that made trip organisation much easier. The system allowed the organiser to set up their own account and enter details of the trip and the names of team members who would be travelling.
It tracked deposits by each individual, balances paid, coach lists, flights and accommodation lists and options for excursions at the destination. This provides a much better organised trip with everything organised in advance and nothing 'falling through the gaps'.

Essex Wildlife Trust

The brief was to create an online function that would allow interested parties to keep up to date with Essex Wildlife Trust sites and other area of interest in the county. This was achieved with a map function using Google maps, with all areas shown, including private landowners properties. Each location is shown with map references, details of the site, attached documents and information about each one.

This luxury watchmaker wanted to offer website visitors the opportunity to design their own watch. The website software was created to provide them a range of options for straps, bezels and the number of diamonds they wanted to add. The site was ecommerce allowing people to design, order and pay for their chosen timepiece.

The client wanted a means of sharing genealogy research. The website allowed each user to enter information on the people they had already identified in their family trees and to enter names of people about whom they are trying to gather information. The system matches your family names with other people researching the same family tree. The original database that was used was created by the Mormon community.

This site was developed to help professional sailors, staff and seahands on private yachts and staff on cruise ships to meet up wherever they might be docked. The system was set up to match up dates and ports to let the users know who was in town and arrange to meet.

An online training facility that helps people to find the course they want to take. The system allows a worldwide search for specific training courses. The user can book and pay online - the system works out the applicable tax for the region and also flags up any previous modules or programmes that need to be completed before taking the course you're booking.

Titan Airways

This streamlined the airline's pay and bonus system by allowing pilots to enter their own flights. They enter the date and airports of departure and arrival and the system works out their flying miles and any bonuses that are due.

Liberty International

As landlords of an office block the system was developed so that tenants had access to all the current information they needed. This included contact information for maintenance, wiring diagrams, bin emptying protocols and time/date information, as well as rules and regulations relating to the building occupancy.


Every horse race course has pitches that individual bookies 'own'. This site allows bookies to offer their pitch for rent if they are not visiting a particular race course on any day. This means another bookie can lease it for a day to get a better pitch. The system has been set up to allow bookies to search by date and race course.

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